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Citron Essential Oil – 10ml


Oil Essential used to change the smell of others products and for their beneficial effect on the body and mind.

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Oil Essential used to change the smell of others products and for their beneficial effect on the body and mind . The use of essential oils are not new ; they are used since ancient times for their beneficial effect on the body and mind. They can be soothing or stimulating the contrary , fresh or sensual, harmonious , relaxing … The 100% natural oils act on the body by ingestion, inhalation or through the skin and help balance the body , mind and emotions. Essential oils, potent concentrates of plant energy are real essences wellness. They are good for the heart, for their beneficial odors, body, skin problems, insomnia, hay fever, infections, etc., due to their specific properties, and restore pep to the skin.    What are their characteristics?  Essential oils are volatile odorous substances contained in plants. They may be derived from flowers, leaves, fruits, bark, seeds and roots. They are extracted by steam distillation of water. The amount of oil obtained varies depending on the plant of origin. To one liter of lavender requires forty kilos of flowers, The use of essential oils is simple and very diverse :

Oral: Although the internal use of essential oils can be very hard, we advise you not to experiment yourself. Do not use essential oils internally unless under the supervision of a specialist in the field . A thorough knowledge of different essential oils is essential. You can absorb the essential oils by depositing a few drops on a neutral tablet on a sugar or a spoonful of honey. Never use more than 6 drops per day and up to 2 drops per dose (eg 2 drops , 3 times a day ). The citrus peel oil can also be used in water ( 3-5 drops in a liter of water).
Dermal: The use of essential oils on the skin is particularly beneficial! Essential oils are very rapidly absorbed through the skin and transported to the place where they are supposed to act. With few exceptions, the essential oils are always applied diluted on the skin.
Skin: Only a few essential oils can be used undiluted on the skin, in specific cases and a few drops: lavender (in case of itching, nervousness, bites , … ) , ravintsara ( in case of bulbs) , tea tree ( on foot) , peppermint. Pure use on the skin should always be well controlled. Avoid contact with eyes!
Thinned: Some essential oils can be applied to the skin diluted in a base oil ( a vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil , macadamia oil , jojoba oil ) or a neutral cream. The amount of essential oil in a base oil or cream depends on the nature of the essential oil, the desired purpose and the body part for which a massage oil or care is prepared. The percentage varies from 0.5 to 10%, a percentage of 0.5 to 1% is suitable for babies and toddlers and a facial massage, a percentage of 1 to 3% for young children and from March to May % for a body massage. A percentage of 5 to 10% is suitable only to a limited local application .
Bath: You can also enjoy the benefits of essential oils in a bath or shower . Never pour essential directly and undiluted water mix a few drops of essential oil in a vegetable base oils, shower gel , milk (whole) or cream and add this mixture to water bath or shower gel. Caution: Do not use essential oils in the baby bath and never use peppermint oil in the bath or shower ( thermal shock ).
Diffusion in the air: Since essential oils are volatile aromatic products, they spread perfectly in tune. Choose depending on the application method you pretend the more enjoyable.
Drops: Place a few drops of essential oil on a handkerchief, a pillow, a mat on the filter with a vacuum cleaner in the air heater humidifier.
Evaporation: As soon as the water in which you shed a few drops of essential oil evaporates, the essential oil is diffused in the air. Here you can use a bowl of hot water or vaporizer ( electric) .
Vaporization: When spraying, essential oils are not heated or paid in water but are sprayed . All their valuable properties are well preserved. Vaporization is therefore the most efficient method to distribute essential oils into the air and is carried out using a diffuser or atomizer ( electric) specially provided for this purpose.

– Do not let a bottle of essential oil reach of children.
– Observe the dosages indicated.
– If by accident you plan the essential oil in the eye, do not rinse with water but with the first fat that falls on your hand.

– Some essential oils are photosensitizing (bergamot, lemon, cedar, lavender), it is strongly advised against sun exposure after application to avoid stains on the skin.

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